A Look Inside the Market Hall

Author: Administrator | Date: 01/15/2013 | Category: Construction | Comments: 0

We know you are able to watch the progress taking place on the exterior of the building, but thought it was time to give you a glimpse of the exciting work taking place inside.

Those of you who have toured Ponce City Market have heard about our plans for the Market Hall.  This is where you will find food purveyors, restaurants, and lots of activity!  To better understand our plan for the market hall, check out Chelsea Market.

One of the unique features in the Market Hall will be the 36-foot ceilings in the center of the space that allow you to see the second floor retail.  To achieve this, we are installing horizontal bracing between columns then cutting the concrete out of the ceiling to expose the second floor.   If you were to enter the building today, you would see three things:

1.  Scaffolding in the Market Hall (first floor - just inside beyond the grand Ponce de Leon staircases) 
2.  Steel beams bracing the columns - placed to keep the columns from shifting as the concrete is removed (view of second floor)
3.  A hole looking through to the Market Hall where the ceiling has been completely removed! (view of second floor looking down to first floor)

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