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Author: Administrator | Date: 07/19/2013 | Category: Architecture | Comments: 11

You have probably figured out by now that we're obsessed with the history of our building and neighborhood.  Our location along the Atlanta BeltLine's Eastside Trail provides yet another opportunity to celebrate our history.

When the BeltLine was an active rail corridor, trains used to pull up behind the third floor of the building for loading and unloading merchandise.  In the picture, you can see the original Sears building with a train parked to the south (right-hand side).  After the completion of the 1966 addition, Sears covered the trestle with the new building.  They covered the original tracks with concrete and converted the loading area into a cafeteria.

We now want to bring this history to life for everyone to experience.  We have found the original rail under the concrete, and will put a boxcar on top of the old trestle as a tribute to the original use, and transform the space it into an outdoor area for all to enjoy. 

For reference, this is the outdoor area central to the building facing North Ave, just above the courtyard (you may have seen it on the model).  And yes, there will be direct access from the BeltLine.  We just completed a few new renderings of the space. Do you have any suggestions on other ways we could celebrate our history?






Date: 07/22/2013

I know you all have recovered artifacts. It would be nice to see an index interpretive panel to show the exact location in the building where these artifacts were found. And a historic photo gallery would be great.


Alex Susor

Date: 07/22/2013

How about a steam whistle or a train bell to announce the time each hour?



Date: 07/22/2013

Hi PCM. Curious if any plans exist to include dog-friendly amenities on-site? Is a dog park/fenced-in outdoor running area in the works for future canine residential tenants?

If not, can you make this happen?


Philip Lederer

Date: 07/22/2013
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Could you build a museum about the history of industrial Atlanta?



Date: 07/23/2013

Dog Friendly please? A place to sit outside and enjoy food/refreshments with our pets would be great! Perhaps one of the vendors would consider this?



Date: 07/24/2013

I also love the idea of a dog friendly area! It would also be great to see some of the artifacts you've found on display somewhere. Perhaps throughout the retail areas?


Ponce City Market

Date: 07/25/2013
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All great suggestions! We're working on a way to creatively display our history and artifacts throughout the site.



Date: 07/28/2013

I think it would be really cool if there were several (3 or 4) box cars, each car having one or two small food vendors (like food trucks). Surrounded by an area with lots of picnic tables.


James Fortier

Date: 08/20/2013

I think it would be great to have a space where you could allow for live music


Mark Pendergrast

Date: 09/08/2013
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It would be great if you would build a well (even if it's fake) on the spot where the original Ponce de Leon springs were, at the base of the BeltLine, next to Ponce City Market, along with a historical marker explaining that it was the original reason there as a health spa there, then a fairground, etc.


J Schro

Date: 01/04/2014

- foot bridges up and over ponce to connect to Home Depot / while foods plaza. These spaces are unavoidably linked and the last thing you want are pedestrian safety issues. Same with north ave. Provide an observation deck in the tower- Atlanta has too few, and it would be a good draw for visitors.

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